K75545 Matt Russet Red

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K75500 Matt Premium Double Cast Vinyl – VWS IV (Airelease Liner)

The K75500 Series are a range of premium quality cast PVC films specifically developed to give a distinctive and unique finish to vehicle wraps.

Colours available in K75500 Matt Premium Double Cast vinyl range

K75505 Matt Iced Blue Titanium         K75506 Matt Iced Red Titanium 

K75539 Matt Siberian Pearl                K75540 Matt Crystalline White               

K75542 Matt Viper Green                   K75543 Matt Java Brown                       

K75544 Matt Trenton Blue                  K75545 Matt Russet Red     

K75549 Anodised Bronze                    K75551 Matt Magnetic Black             

K75552 Matt Aurora Pearl                   K75554 Autumn Fire                        

K75568 Matt Iced Amethyst Titanium   K75584 Matt Blue White Pearlescent


The combination of soft vinyl formulation offers excellent conformability and the KPMF’s Airelease structured liner aids easy bubble free application. The specific adhesive design allows the film to be removed using heat and/or chemicals up to a period of three years from a range of substrates subject to exceptions covered in the warranty.

Formulated using the latest advances in chemical and pigment technology to offer exceptional dimensional stability and long term durability, the 100 micron double cast thickness offers excellent cutting and weeding properties.

K75545 Matt Russet Red Cast Vehicle Wrap.


Matt Russet Red

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K75545 Matt Russet Red Cast VWS IV